Who Invented Kart Racing

Kart racing has become a very popular form of motorsports across the world. The speed, manoeuvrability and affordability make the sport a lot of fun. It is a valuable form of education for up and coming drivers wanting to make motorsports their profession. How did this popular motorsport come about?

The Early Days

It is widely accepted that the first go-kart was made in 1956 by American Art Ingels, It was made of simple parts and scrap metal. It had a lawnmower engine. Art Ingels became the father of karting. He was a veteran hot rode racer and a race car designer for Kurtis Kraft’s race cars. It was the 1950’s and Art Ingels was a mechanical engineer for his time.

A professional mechanical engineer would need a lot of time and patience to build a kart but Art was a pioneer and did it out of the sheer love for building a kart. From its early days in Southern California, it became popular all over the world. In the1960s, the sport became well known in Europe and the sport caught on quickly.

The first manufacturer was a company from America called Go Kart Manufacturing Co in the late 1950s. McCulloch was the very first company to make engines for karts. The first engine incredibly was made from a chainsaw two-stroke engine. Around 1960s was when motorbike engines were also used for kart use. Finally, a number of manufacturers caught on to the design and engineering. Manufacturers in Italy (IAME) built engines and the modern kart was on its way to becoming a globally recognised sport.

In the 1970s, racing became more popular and an accepted sport and by the 1980s the World Karting Association with dedicated sponsors became a mainstay of the sport.

Karting is a fun and well-recognised sport all over the world and despite its humble beginnings continues to be popular.