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If you are a big fan of all things karting, then you are in good company. Our enthusiastic and friendly team are happy to share their knowledge of karting sport, championships, and races. Let us give you the inside information in a series of in-depth posts on your favourite sport.

The Benefits of Kart Racing

As a racing enthusiast, you may enjoy the sport for the undoubted thrills it brings. However, there are many other benefits to kart racing, and we cover them all. Discover how it can improve your concentration, build up your strength, increase your confidence and help your energy levels.

The Components of a Kart

Whether you are a racer or just an excited onlooker, you may not be aware of all the complex components of a kart. Luckily, the engineers who contribute to our website are on hand to explain the technical details for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Always one of the most searched of pages is the frequently asked questions section of the website. We pride ourselves in anticipating what you may need to know and endeavour to solve all the mysteries of karting with our in-depth replies. Find out whether you actually need a licence for karting and if there is a maximum height limit.

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