Frequently Asked Questions About Karting

Can I race without a driving license?

You do not require a driving license or any other license, to drive a go-kart. Even kids who are under the age of getting a driver’s license can drive a go-kart and have all the fun that they can with it. If you are new to driving, you will more than likely get all the instructions you need to enjoy yourself before you try it out.

Is there a maximum height or weight limit to drive a go-kart?

In most cases, there is usually no weight or height limit for who can drive a kart. However, the small nature of go-karts may limit you based on your physical attributes. You will most likely feel very uncomfortable driving the kart if you are too heavy or tall for their size. Ideally, if you can fit in the go-kart, you are good to go.

Is there a minimum weight and heath requirement to drive a go-kart?

In most kart driving tracks, there is usually a minimum weight and height requirement. The requirements may vary slightly based on the track and size of the karts, but the limits are usually based on safety, comfort, and practicality.

Can people with medical conditions or disabilities drive a go-kart?

Karting is not recommended for individuals who have various health conditions such as epilepsy, heart conditions, or any other medical issue that can be triggered by the exertion. Generally, a medical condition that will not allow you to get a driving license will also make riding a go-kart unsuitable for you.

What is the ideal dressing code for karting?

Ideally, it would be best if you had a protective jumpsuit, balaclava, and helmet, for serious kart racing. For leisure kart racing where the maximum speed is limited, a helmet might be all you need. Remember to tie up your hair and tuck it into the helmet or racing suit before you start racing.